One of my favourite rudiment variations and also a favourite of Jimi Hendrix Experience drummer, Mitch Mitchell.

Practise the phrase above making sure that the accents (>) stand out above the other strokes.

Once you have the basic idea, try it as a fill on the snare feeling it in groups of 6:

1+a1+a 2+a2+a 3+a3+a 4+a4+a

From here you can then move the accents around the kit to the toms and/or crashes.


Why not try it over groups of 4 to create a more interesting accent phrase:

1e+a2e +a3e+a 4e+a


In this fill you'd play two Inverted Paradiddle-diddles leaving you with 4 more hits to complete the bar.

Play Along Track

In the style of 'Since U Been Gone' by Kelly Clarkson. A bit fo a guilty pleasure of mine, this track

demonstrates Rock Style drumming within a Pop setting. Some classic rock fills with a huge

shift in dynamics between the Verses and Choruses you'll have a lot of fun jamming along to this one. (Just don't tell you friends :P)

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